Tuesday, August 31, 2004

They don't get it

This is a good example of how the democrats just don't get it.
This part is particularly telling:

"I asked one man who told me he was a "proud Republican," "Do you think we need strong laws to protect our air and water?"

"Well, sure," he said. "Who doesn't?"

I asked whether women should have equal rights, including the same pay as men.

"Absolutely," he replied.

"Would you discriminate against someone because he or she is gay?"

"Um, no." The pause — I get that a lot when I ask this question — is usually because the average good-hearted person instantly thinks about a gay family member or friend."

Their logic isn't hard to follow, it's just flawed. If you disagree with them on the method of protecting our environment, then you are a nutjob who wants to set the ozone on fire. If you think the most qualified worker should get the job and/or raise, then you are trying to repress women and keep them in the kitchen. If you believe that marriage is a religious union between a man and a women, then you hate gay people.
They've been using this tactic for decades. "Don't discuss issues, just portray anyone who disagrees with you as an idiot."

It's funny to watch the mainstream media do everything in their power to portray us as gun-toting, women repressing, healthcare denying, hate-filled homophobes, and then act shocked when we aren't. The truth is that journalistic liberals live in a vacuum where they think they have a monopoly on morality. And they get really confused when we stick a pin in their bubble and drain a little air out. Their answer? They think we aren't really republicans and invent a creature called a "RINO".