Monday, August 30, 2004

Welcome to Fedora Pundit

Welcome to Fedora-Pundit. I set this blog up a while back to try and do some political blogging. But nobody ever visited this page, my friends were just to lazy I guess. So I would compile my list of links into an email and send it to my friends. When I joined the college Republicans this past week I wanted to post my emails to their listserv. But because of flaming from liberals only one person can post to that list anymore. I asked her about it and Lauren said that she would post a link to my blog if I wanted. So I'm going through the process of using this blog instead of the emails.

If you are linking from the CR listserv, welcome. You can read a little about me in the profile of the blog so I'm not going to go into who I am very much. The main purpose of this blog is to arm you with information you need to debate the left. Anything you read in the papers today, or hear on the evening news, has already gone through the very real "Liberal media filter". Even the wire services editorialize against conservatives in their breaking stories, on a regular basis. It can sometimes be hard to sort through everything. I will endeavor to help with this problem by posting links and commenting on them. Because of the wonderful world that is the Internet we can have access to the same resources as the mainstream media. Below are some links to get you started.

News sources; places to get news that isn't completly slanted, or if it is slanted, it is admittied so.
Drudge Report
Up to the second breaking news. Drudge was the one who broke the Monica story. Some of his stories are scoops, most are just links to AP stories.
Washington Times
Newspaper with a conservative bent. Editorial and Op/Ed sections are must reads.
The Command Post
News on things from terrorism to politics.

Commentary; These sites have some of the best conservative comentators post once or twice a week.
Opinion Journal
The wonderful Op-Ed section of the Wall Street Journal
Some of the best of the not-so-mainstream-media
National Review Online
The of the greatest conservative thinkers of our time.

Blogs; blogs are revolutionizing the news business. I do not miss these, I read them first and last thing everyday. It's the best way to know how to debate the left.
InstapunditThe most popular politicol weblog on the web.
Powerline and Captains Quarters Part of the Northern Alliance web program. Wonderful place to keep your finger on the pulse of this race.
Blogs For Bush
Little Green Footballs Don't ask just read(great comments sections)
Roger L Simon Centrist for Bush
Hugh Hewitt Don't miss this one