Friday, September 10, 2004

In Thursday's Collegiate Times there was a column by John Krallman & Grant Woodward of the College Democrats. The article was basically a talking points memo from the DNC geared towards college students. And while I applaud them for actually talking about issues, instead of just spouting off some vitriolic rhetoric against the current administration, there were several problems with their article. Right off the bat they make the claim that George Bush misled the nation or has led the nation in the wrong direction. However many of the alternatives they reference line up directly with President Bush's agenda.
For instance they want to end our dependence on foreign oil, something the Bush administration has sought to do for the last three years but has been stymied by democrats. Krallman and Woodward say that the democratic administration will use diplomacy, our intelligence system, economic power and appeal of our values to secure America and prevent a new generation of terrorists. This is exactly the direction the Bush administration is leading. Through our diplomatic efforts Lybia has agreed not to peruse nuclear arms, North Korea is talking to us instead of hiding their nuclear program, and our coalition is continually aiding us in the hunting of terrorists. At this very moment Bush is leading the way in a much needed intelligence reform. And spreading the American values of democracy and freedom is a plan currently being implemented by the fledgling governments we have helped set up, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other similar views include cutting taxes for businesses to create jobs, and increasing benefits and pay of veterans(something the Bush administration has done twice). Now on these issues there may be differences in the methodology suggested. But the stated goal or "direction" is clearly the same as the way the Bush administration is leading.
The second problem that Krallman and Woodward have is that their candidate doesn't support their assertions. They state that President Bush was irresponsible in sending our young people over seas to fight for their country; something Kerry supported on many occasions. They say that Kerry will modernize our military. Kerry has time and again voted against modernizing our military, even going so far as to support a nuclear freeze during the cold war. They say that Kerry will utilize alliances to protect our country. But in 1991, when we fought Saddam the first time, we had an alliance of over 200 nations and the backing of the U.N. He still voted against going to war. I almost feel sorry for Krallman and Woodward. Because when your candidate switches or “nuances” his positions almost daily it must be incredibly hard to put forth a coherent message.