Wednesday, September 15, 2004

There is a ton of new stuff on Rathgate today. And at this point I don't have time to run it all down for you. Instapundit has the best rundown of the latest developments.

This poll by Rassmussen is a good indication of what kind of mess CBS is in. It's a huge lose-lose situation for the network giant. Only %27 of people polled think that the documents are authentic. So their stonewalling hasn't changed anyone's mind about their claims. But a bigger statistic is that only %16 of people polled think the memos are relevant. So even if they did manage to prove that the memos are real(nearly impossible at this point seeing as how not one expert has claimed they are authentic), the American people would just give a collective shrug and move on. In this case the cover-up is much worse than the scandal.

And the revolution will be blogged!