Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Hi people I'm back. Sorry for being MIA for so long, I had a long weekend and didn't feel like blogging yesterday. Selfish I know, but that's the beauty of blogging, no deadlines, no bosses to yell at you, and nobody spiking your columns if they disagree with you.

And lots of crazy things have happend since I last blogged. I guess the most important thing to note is that we have officially entered the depression zone. That time near election day where all of the mainstream media outlets make it their personal mission in life to depress you so that you will stay home on voting day. Anything remotely negative will be given frontpage space and anything that may sound encouraging or helpful to the President will be buried, if it's reported at all. So watch this blog, watch Instapundit, polipundit, Powerline, and Hugh Hewitt for good news. And for real decent news read the Washington Times, the only "Times" worth reading at this point.

Why do I say that? Well the New York times released the "October Surprise" early this year. On Monday they ran a story about a cache of weapons that had disapeared. Almost before the ink was dry Kerry had an ad out saying that it was a result of "incompetence" and that he would bring change. The only problem with the story is that it's not new! It's an old story, and in fact it is more than likely that the weapons were gone before we got there in our push to Bagdad. Check out "Truth Laid Bare" for more details. We shouldn't be surprised by this at all. The NYTimes has come out in support of Kerry in a surprise to the gnomish people of Antarctica. But the thing to note on this is Kerry has changed his tone once again. And I guess it was planned for this week to put Bush on the defensive. Now instead of wrong war, wrong time etc. It's that Bush is 'incompetent' in leading the war. Now Kerry claims to be a man who supports our troops. And yet in an attempt to trash the President he claims that they aren't even competent enough to guard a cache of explosives. It would take a great deal of incompetence to let 380 tons of explosive material get away from under your nose! Do you think that if there was a huge weapons cache that our soldiers would just leave it around? Give me a break! But wait a minute! Kerry is all of the sudden worried about weapons that weren't secured in Iraq? He's worried that Iraq may have had weapons that could set off nukes(setting off nukes is something that this type of explosive was used for)? He's worried we didn't act quickly enough to secure all of the explosives and caches of weapons in Iraq? I'll tell you why these weapons weren't secured: They were moved by Saddam! The last time we knew they were there was when the UN inspectors saw them before the war started! 10 months(aprox) later when the 301st rolled up they were gone! The reason we weren't able to secure them and keep them out of the hands of terrorists was because we had to spend so much time in the UN security counsel trying to drum up support. And why did it take so long? Because Russia, Germany, and France were stalling and stabbing us in the back! Why were they doing that? Because they were each given millions in illegal funds via the Oil-For-Food program. Because they were each had vouchers that said they would be given prime oil fields when the economic sanctions on Iraq were lifted. And the sanctions were on their way to being lifted even as airplanes were hitting the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. So the reason we didn't secure this cache of explosives was because Saddam was using the very people that Kerry considers to be the only legitimate allies worth having to give him enough time to hide/move/redistribute these weapons. How dare Kerry besmirch our troops by claiming they can't protect us from something when he endorses and is endorsed by the very people who let these explosives be put in a position to threaten us.

Want more? Why do you think that this is a 'new' story? The governmet knew the explosives were missing about it 8 months ago. Well it turns out that the head of The International Atomic Energy Agency, who inspected thise cache before the war, anti-American Mohammed ElBaradei, leaked a false letter on this issue to the media to embarrass the Bush administration. The Bush administration has called for this guys replacement in the past because of his handling of his handling of Syria and Iran nuklear crisis. Let me say this again THE UNITED NATIONS IS ATTEMPTING TO AFFECT OUR ELECTIONS! 60 Minutes was going to run this on Sunday so as to put Bush on the defensive during critical campaigning time. Just like last election with the DUI business. But they "couldn't hold it" for some reason. Well thanks to the New Media of blogs and talk radio this story is already debunked.

But Kerry is still going with it. He will continue to hammer the "incompetence" angle until election day. And look for the Washington Post and NYTimes to continue to hammer Bush with any and everything they can find. They have demonstrated very little journalistic integrity and a willingness to go as low as possible to put Bush down.

I'm shocked...shocked at this news!