Friday, October 15, 2004

Today Japan blasted the idea of a Kerry Presidency. This follows his ridiculous assertions during the debates that we should have bilateral talks with North Korea, get rid of our own bunker busting nukes, and give Iran nuclear fossil fuel.

It has always been part of John Kerry's message that the Bush administration has squandered away the good will and approval of foreign countries. And that he if elected would somehow restore our reputation and the world would love us again. He claims that he would get more countries to help us bear the financial and military burden of the war. But but this does not stop him from denigrating the allies we do have. And he won't explain how he intends to create a "legitimate" coalition for what he calls "the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time".

When you hear a democrat talk about the "World" in regards to negative opinions of America, think France and Germany. The fact is that there wasn't a lot of sympathy or goodwill between the US and the rest of the world to squander. We are fortunate to have a President who can stand up to the pressure of fighting a war not everyong agrees with. There is no way we could have fought a "more sensitive" war on terror and still have the success we've had to this point.

And yes we've had success. You wouldn't know it be watching the mainstream news. Did you know that over the weekend our marines in Sadr City captured $30m worth of cocaine? What was the mainstream media(or John Kerry transcrpit service as Rush likes to call them) reporting? "There will be weather tomorrow, some good some bad". And just a couple of days ago local Iraqis in Fallujah started to turn against the foreign fighters? MSM:"Yes yes, we definetely think it will be weathery outside". No wonder Military families and GI's favor Bush 3 to 1.