Monday, November 01, 2004

Good news or bad?

Today it was announced that the Mock-the-Vote results here at Virginia Tech gave the election to Kerry. Now this should not be a surprise to anybody. This is a college where the environment is incredibly liberal. It's a typical University, english professors, theatre professors, science professors all reliably liberal. We also have the normal "cause" groups you can get involved with. The ones that will go out and protest something regardless of what's going on in the world. Because it's fun to be an "activist" and "make your voice heard". The President and the war on terror have given them plenty of fodder. So I was shocked to learn that the count was %50-%48!! I'm in shock that Bush got that much of the vote here. I mean these are people in college. When you are in college you are supposed to protest, and failing that vote for Nader.

Why am I so shocked? I guess it is because I see Bush as a man standing for traditional values. He's very much a father figure for this Country. For better or worse college is a place to get away from parents and the traditional values they represent. College age kids tend to project their problems on to authority and blame authority figures for their own shortcomings. And this is a student body that gets most of it's news from MTV or the Daily Show. It's hip to bash the President, all the people from Hollywood do, as does Eminem and other musicians. You can call him anything from dumb to Hitler depending on the group you are hanging with. And if you make a Bush joke you are automatically a witty socialite. So the fact that Bush has %48 of the vote is just incredible. Could it be an indication that Kerry is such a lame duck candidate that even college kids can tell he's a douche? Does it mean that everyone realizes that our security is on the ballot? Or could it mean something bigger nationally for the President? We'll find out tomorrow.