Monday, November 22, 2004

More of the same

Jonah Goldberg takes a look at the Presidents critics on the left and in the media. He brings up the point that no matter what Bush does it will be wrong in their eyes. It will be a cold day in hell when the mainstream meadia gives Bush credit for something good. And that's not going to change unless Bush caves to their whining. And I don't see that happening. Check out the whole article:
"This has been a constant theme of the last four years. When Bush was allegedly acting unilaterally (Iraq), he was denounced for not being multilateral. When he was multilateral (North Korea), he was denounced for not being unilateral. When Europeans are excluded, that's bad (again, allegedly Iraq); when Europeans are allowed to take the lead (Iran), that's bad, too. When Bush 'outsourced' the war in Afghanistan by using non-American troops, that was a monumental mistake, according to Kerry and others. When we didn't outsource the war in Iraq, that was a monumental mistake as well. And so on."