Wednesday, November 24, 2004


This is an outrage!!! Although I guess it was inevitable. References to God are not being allowed in this school in California.

Who's surprised this is in California?

We cannot let this get any farther than it has already. We need to write senators. Call congress. Or even better send the principle some email.

We can fight this battle now before religious freedom is gone. Or we can have a revolution later when all our freedoms are gone.

You may think I'm being sensationalistic about this. But this isn't going to stop. The idea of using a freedom(of religion, free speech etc) as a right to actually inhibit that freedom has been going on a long time. And this tactic, armed with political correctness, has been effective in it's use against the religious right.

It must stop now!!

I will blog more on this when I get the chance to look up who to email and call.