Monday, December 06, 2004

Let's talk about how to loose a war. With the "instant information" age that we live in, combined with the lefty bias in the media it is unlikely that there will be any acknowledgment of a victory in the Iraq War any time soon. It is even more unlikely that our military will be defeated in any kind of outright battle. So since the mainstream media and the liberals in this country are consumed with showing the war effort in the worst light possible. We should ask the question: what would constitute loosing or being on the wrong side when the conflict ends?

This war is different from other wars we have fought. The enemy isn't any one single country that can be conquered. The enemy we are fighting is militant Islamofacism. An extremist ideology funded and supported by various countries around the world. Either openly or covertly. How to win the war is something to talk about another time. Although I would like to see more of this kind of thing.

But how would we be loosing a war against Islamic theocrats and extremists? I would propose to you that while Saddam was in power and buying off the people who were supposedly on our side we were loosing the war. Read this account from the Belmont Club and see if it doesn't sound like we were being played for fools and in essence loosing a war that most people seemed intent on denying existed.

Before 9/11 we were hardly fighting, but that doesn't change the fact that the war was going on. And we were loosing. Reprobates like Osama Bin Laden could send suicide bombers against the USS Cole or could shoot down our helicopters and kill our soldiers in Mogadidishu and not fear any repercussions. Saddam could shoot at our planes, rebuild his military and fund terrorists secure in the knowledge that if we tried to do anything about it our "friends" on the UN Security Counsel would stop us.

Don't let anyone tell you that we are loosing the war in Iraq. Right now we are winning the war and spreading democracy. In this kind of war the best way to loose is not to fight.