Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm back

Sorry for the light posting. I had a vicious attack of life that kinda took up all of my time.

By now everyone has heard about the soldier who asked Donald Rumsfeld why they don't have more "up armoured" humvees. The media jumped all over it saying that it proves Rummy and Co. are incompetent and don't care about the troops.

This couldn't be farther from the truth. However we do have problems with the state of the military. Mostly stemming from cutbacks during the 90's.

Read this whol article:
"Delays ought to be blamed on the military bureaucracy, which Secretary Rumsfeld has been trying to reform. Indeed, that's what military transformation--a Rumsfeld priority--is all about. Yet, many of the same people who are most vociferously denouncing the lack of up-armored humvees in Iraq also fight military reform tooth and nail."
What would be really nice would be for the mainstream press to stop trying to use the military to bash the President and war effort in general. Constructive criticism is a good thing when it helps to solve problems. This isn't what happend in this case however. It turns out that the soldier was fed questions by a reporter who then gleefully used it as a feather in his Bush bashing cap. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less.