Monday, December 20, 2004

What if WW2 were fought today?

Transterrestrial Musings has a satirical news story about what it would be like if we were fighting WW2 with today's uber critical media. It's a good read especially if you know anything about WW2 and Vietnam.

I think this demonstrates one of the biggest things that frustrates me today in this Country. In their blind hatred of Bush and all things conservative, people will try to deny that what we are doing in Iraq and/or Afghanistan is a noble endeavor. These people claim to stand for human rights and against oppressive tyranny. Yet they see the USA as a bigger villain than Saddam Hussein. They call "quagmire" and "reckless policies" and act as though they really want the insurgent terrorists in Iraq to succeed(Don't tell them, but that is a really really bad way to try and win an election).

Basically I have adopted this policy: If someone thinks that the war is less legitimate than the United Nations credibility, then there is no way they are rational enough to have a discussion with. They will not discuss anything with you at all, they will only spout hatred for Bush. And the media has done nothing but feed this hatred for the last two years. One wonders who they actually want to win this war. But good luck asking this question, most reporters refuse to acknowledge that a war is going on. Instead it's a "conflict" or "occupation" to them. Who's side are they on?