Tuesday, January 18, 2005

President of Faith

A lot has been made about the Faith of our President. Some people claiming it guides him very well, others say he's a zealot who thinks that God leaves him messages in his cereal. But no one can deny that it is a central part of his life. In an interesting article from the Washington Times(not the Post, the GOOD newspaper in DC) he details his Faith and the effect it has on his life. But what inrigued me even more was this bit:
The president uses similar language in describing his approach to foreign policy. "I am excited about helping spread freedom and helping say to reformers, 'We hear your call and you've got a friend,' and helping to say to the critics and the cynics, 'people from all walks of life, all religions, have got the capacity to self-govern.'" He draws attention to a painting of a mountain, on the wall behind him. "Laura and I live on the east side of the mountain, the sunrise side, not the sunset side," he says. "The president must also be able to see the day that is gone." He cites imperial Japan as an example from the day that is gone. "My dad fought them. [They were] mortal enemies. They killed a lot of people and attacked our country. But because we believe that freedom can change societies and convert enemies to allies ? Japan is now a strong ally, and the world is more peaceful as a result of it. I know that free societies will be peaceful societies." Amen to that, as a good deacon would say.
He sees his faith closely tied with freedom and self government. Take a minute to go read the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution and see how many references there are to God. To those who would criticize the President for his faith central life, I would ask why not? Christianity says "Love thy neighbor", "Obey your parents", "Thou shalt not kill", "practice self control". Religion aside, I am happy the leader of the free world tries to live by these principles.