Friday, February 18, 2005

Lawrence Summers

Earlier this week I linked to a piece about Ward Churchill, the fake Indian who compared 9/11 victims to Nazi's. That was a horrible statement and he deserves to loose his job for it. But even more attention has been paid to a Proffessor named Lawrence Summers. He had the audacity to proclaim that Women aren't as good as Men at science and math. Or did he? Wizbang has the details on the just released transcript of his remarks:
From the Times AGAIN! "He theorized that a "much higher fraction of married men" than married women were willing to work 80-hour weeks to attain "high powered" jobs." -- He never mentioned ability! He was speaking of commitment! This just shows the disingenuousness of his critics. They are willing to lie about his remarks.
Read the whole thing.

This argument that women and men innately have differing skill sets and desires is of particular interest to me. I had a huge argument with a girl, that I did not know was a raging feminist, on the subject. She said that women and men were exactly the same in every aspect (including physical strength and ability) but that women were repressed through centuries of social bigotry. I believe that God created women and men differently. We have different abilities, desires, physical strengths and emotional responses. I never said one gender was better or worse than the other, only that each gender is better suited to different tasks. Well, we never could come to a cordial disagreement and she ended up saying some very nasty things about me in a very public place. I guess I shouldn't have expected less.