Thursday, March 31, 2005

Babalu Blog: The New McCarthyism Stems from Hollywood

Communism is bad. Anyone disagree? Do you know why it's bad? Many people in the country think that Communism or Socialism is the way to go in this country(Hillary-Care comes to mind). It is important to understand what is bad about Communism and be able to articulate it. Why is it important? Because the left is armed with propaganda lines developed over the years in Marxist countries. And to the regular guy on the street they sound great. Who wouldn't want free and better health care? The most amazing line I've ever heard come out of a University proffessor's mouth was the following "It's more than likely that Communism hasn't worked in the past because the right people weren't in charge". Do you know why Communism is bad?

Cuban American's do. Check out Babalu Blog's: The New McCarthyism Stems from Hollywood.

And also don't miss Opinion Journal's wonderful editorial Red Dusk

Also I am really sick of seeing those stupid Che tshirts and buttons. Why is a murderer that Castro thought was too extreme idolized by America's youth? Can someone explain this too me? No really I want to know. I wonder how long it will be before Cuba American's start punching people who idolize this guy.