Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mike S. Adams: My sexual harassment complaint(warning explicit language ahead)

When I lived in Blacksburg and worked for Virginia Tech I encountered all types as you can imagine. But the feminists always took the cake. They would just ooze vitriol and then in the next sentence start chanting "Stop the vicious cycle of hate". I always wondered how they intended to accomplish anything by doing and saying things worse than what they were protesting. But this article takes the cake, I can't wait to read the response to his message.
An excerpt:
5. In her message, Rebecca equated her vagina with her self. Rather than saying “I am very mad” she said “My vagina is very mad.” Don’t rapists look at a woman and see a vagina, not a person? Isn’t Rebecca reinforcing the rapist’s view of a woman?

6. In 2001, a student accused me of libel for implying that her speech was "bigoted," unintelligent," and "immature." Do you remember searching my email account because my "abusive" speech was sent via our campus email system? Well, I feel the same way about Rebecca's speech. Will you punish me by reading my email again? or,

7. Will you charge Rebecca with sexual harassment so that men and women will be treated equally at UNCW? You do care about equality, don't you?

I can't wait to hear your response to this one. Happy Easter
Read the whole thing, her email to Mike is truly amazing.