Monday, March 07, 2005


So did you read the latest headline? Oh wait it was good news so it wasn't a headline it was a buried story.

Apparently Muslim opionion of US and the war on Terror has risen dramatically:
The poll found that 65 percent had a more favorable view toward the United States in the aftermath, with 75 percent saying Americans had done enough to help tsunami victims and 64 percent deeming that assistance "important."
Among those who said they supported bin Laden, 71 percent said that American tsunami relief had made them more favorable to the United States.
Polling was done face to face in both urban and rural areas of Indonesia.
No just watch and see how much the next tiny story about anti-Americanism gets splashed across the front pages for a contrast.

Media bias aside this is great news. The vaccum of positive American press in these muslim dominated countries is slowly but surely being squashed. These people need to get the message that we don't want them to die, we just want them to not make us die. It's really very simple.