Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dude What's Your Major?

The New Editor highlights an amazing new Masters's degree program at New College of California. It's called Activism & Social Change. Go read some of the profiles that are posted for the people taking these classes. Take Harjit Gill for example:
Harjit Gill received his B.A. from UC Chico with a major in Sociology and a minor in Religious Studies. Harjit is active in the labor movement; the animal/earth rights movement; the anti-war movement; and the anti-capitalist (specifically the anarchist) movement. He is currently a field organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World and hopes to begin working with Let's Get Free on the issue of prison abolition.
Right. That's a great idea. Let's give the anarchist who wants to free all the criminals a masters degree for "trying to effect social change".

Of course that's a big part of the moonbat liberal movement. Protesting and street activism rarely do anything more than preach to the crowd. Think of all the ani-war protests. Think of all the press they recieved. Now think about how little effect they actually had on the outcome of the Presidential election or the successful execution of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Come on guys, that stuff hasn't worked since Vietnam! If you think a masters degree is going to legitimize you to the point where people outside of California will take you seriously then you need therapy.