Friday, April 22, 2005

Moderates Under Attack?

My favorite "liberal" Dean Esmay looks at what it meanst to be a moderate:
"As a rule I dislike intensely bitter rhetoric, especially when it smears an entire group or party without any specificity: 'they're evil, they're Nazis, they're communists,' etc. Then again, I have to admit that there are a few issues where I can't summon up anything but intensely bitter words.

For example, I have grown to have a visceral loathing for people who heave unsubstantiated and venal accusations at whoever happens to be Commander in Chief while the country is at war. I believe such behavior is not just dishonorable but destructive--and it is completely dishonest to claim that you're merely 'criticizing' when you make vile, half-assed accusations. Calling the CiC a liar who took us to war to make his buddies rich is the most hateful and divisive rhetoric possible in a time of war. It requires the highest possible standards of evidence before you say it--or you earn my undying contempt."
A must read!