Monday, April 11, 2005

Moore lies

Facinating article in the NRO today about Farenheit 9/11. It's actually an excerpt from Byron York's book The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.
"But a little more than four months later, after Election Day, things looked much different. Not only had Moore’s movie not propelled the Democratic candidate to victory, but some Democrats wondered privately whether Fahrenheit 9/11 and all the attendant fuss might have done more harm than good. What went wrong?

The answer, although no one beyond a few Hollywood executives, and probably Moore himself, knew it at the time, was that Fahrenheit 9/11 never had the sort of national appeal that its maker and its publicists claimed. The truth was just the opposite; deep inside the dense compilations of audience research figures that are used by movie studios to chart a film’s performance was evidence that Fahrenheit 9/11’s appeal was narrowly limited to those areas that were already solidly anti-Bush.Moore’s daily pronouncements about the movie’s success in pro-Bush areas, and the growing anti-Bush movement it was supposedly engendering, were little more than wishful thinking.

In the end, Karl Rove was right. There was no need to worry."
The article goes on with a facinating look at how movie performance data is collected and analyzed. It turns out that the data supports what most conservatives have known and what most of the MSM desparately wished was not the case: Michael Moore was preaching to the choir. The movie itself is easily identified as propaganda and outright lies. But the fact that most people wouldn't fact check the movie was what led left wingers to hope that it would be a vote getter. It turns out that it was even more harmless than we thought seeing as how it owes a lot of it's success to......Canada. Any movie or business for that matter that has to go to Canada to bounce it's profits has serious problems. But hey, good for Michael, he got rich by using his film making talents. He ego on the other hand is not something that we should forgive.