Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Enough is enough! Yesterday I linked to the story about Newsweek retracting an article that caused riots in Afghanistan. I didn't really want to expound on it because I knew writing about it would just make me angry. And I'm not an angry guy, I try to keep things light, I don't like being angry. Well guess what, it's too late now! The arrogance of the mainstream press has PO'd me in a way that doesn't happen very often!

For those of you who don't know the full story you can read about it here. Basically Newsweek reporters Michael Isikoff and John Barry went to print with a poorly sourced and
unconformable story. The story states that US soldiers flushing a Koran down the toilet as an interrogation technique at the Gitmo. As a result of that story there were anti-US riotsin the streets of Afghanistan and 17 people were killed.

Whose side are they on? That question has to be asked! After all the whining about how much our image has suffered over seas. After complaining incessantlythat the Bush administration skewed intelligence to serve its purposes. How can they believe that it's ok to print such irresponsible and unconfirmed stories?We are at WAR you idiots!! Things you say and things you print have serious real-life outside your cubicle repercussions!! Whose side are you on? Your hatred for our President, and gleeful willingness to print anything that will make him or this administration look bad, got people KILLLED!! That's not something you can undo, retract, or blame on somebody else. Your insistence in seeing everything through the prism of Abu Ghraib, and willingness to blame the US first endangers our soldiers, innocent people around the globe, peaceful Muslims, and any chance at peace we have. If you want to complain about America's image abroad, look to yourselves first, consider the over reporting of stories negative to our side before you go point fingers at the people who are actually winning the war and keeping you safe!! Have a little tact and consider the consequences of what you print beyond how it will reflect on the President. You have guaranteed rights under freedom of the press laws, and with that power comes responsibility. Responsibility to tell the whole story, to be objective, and to be sensitive to the repercussions of what you report!! Most of you MSM types have been failing at this for a long time! Well now there is blood on your hands and no excuse for any of you.

But predictably the MSM has been in full CYA mood since the retraction. Blaming Bush and his policies for creating an atmosphere of hatred in the Muslim world. And also trotting out the Fake But Accurate meme of CBS fame. Saying things like everyone in Muslim countries believes it's true or things like it are true (CNN TVprogram that I can't find a link to the transcript of). Why do they think that Mr. Newspaper man? It couldn't be because you along with Al-Jeezera, the BBC, or Ageance-France blow every little thing that could make the US look bad way out of proportion? No? When was the last time you printed or reported anything about all the positive things that are happening? You don't remember? Could it be that you don't care? Or even worse you don't actually want to report them because it might make Bush look good somehow? The arrogance of you people is astounding! We are in a war where our enemies look like civilians and do not obey any sort of rules of engagement. The Bush policies you worry will give the US a negativeimage are designed to eliminate these people. And guess what THEY ALREADY HATE US!!! They don't need reasons to incite riots against us, but they are using you and your biased sloppy reporting to generate sympathy for themselves and opposition to our work!! Guess who the only confirmed Koran destroyer is? A Gitmo prisoner!

I don't care if you like the current President or not, just stop aiding our enemies!! And don't let me catch you with a "Support our troops" bumper sticker ever!!

Update:Roger Kimbal has similar but less rant like thoughts.