Thursday, May 05, 2005

James Tarranto Roots For The Religious Right

Sorry for the hiatus people, I'm back now. In the Opinion Journal today James Tarranto makes a very very excellent point about the secular left:
"Assuming for the sake of argument that Democratic economic policies really are better (or at least more politically attractive) than Republican ones, why don't politicians like Mr. Feingold adopt conservative positions on social issues so as to win over the voters whose economic interests they claim to care so much about? The answer seems obvious: Mr. Feingold would not support, say, the Human Life Amendment or the Federal Marriage Amendment because to do so would be against his principles. It's not that he sees the issues as unimportant, but that he does not respect the views of those who disagree. His views are thoughtful and enlightened; theirs are, as Mr. Frank describes them, a mindless 'backlash.'"
This is why Christians are getting more and more involved with politics. No longer are their views and beliefs treated as legit. They are marginalized, dismissed out of hand, and ridiculed. And I think it's worth noting that the Christians are going about defending themselves by using the democratic process, not by throwing pies.