Friday, May 06, 2005

Know Thine Enemy

The American Spectator has an interesting article about Tim Kaine today. They highlight his covert liberalism being disguised as "progressive":
"KAINE SUPPORTERS' STATEMENTS were out of step with Tim Kaine's public campaign. In recent months, Kaine has tempered his support for abortion. Despite his gun control activism as mayor of Richmond, Kaine told a Lynchburg, Virginia talk radio show this week that he's 'never done anything to oppose the Second Amendment.' A casual perusal of his campaign literature would leave outsiders guessing his party affiliation.

Candidate Kaine didn't disappoint those hoping he'd stay on message. Calling into the fundraiser from the road in Virginia, Kaine thanked the 'great, young progressive political activists.' Despite touting budget reform, increased education funding, and state-funded health insurance for children, Kaine seemed to promise labor officials and the young liberals something more with his use of the word 'progressive.' They should remain hopeful, he said, even though 'Virginia hasn't always been known as a progressive political state.' He concluded by thanking them for making his campaign 'a winning campaign for progressive values.' "
It looks to me as though he's trying to pull a Hilary Clinton by exposing a different side of himself to different parts of the state. Make no mistake about it, Kaine is as liberal as they come(ok maybe not moonbat liberal, but he would be influenced by them). And he's savvy enough to know that the only way to get away with that in this state is to disguise it and water it down during a campaign.