Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Middle Class Crisis for Democrats?

An interesting article is in the Washington Times today. It outlines what a lot of people have been saying for a while. The Democrat's message isn't resonating with the middle class as much.

Personally I think it's because the Democrats base so much of their message on siding with the victim. And it's hard to tell someone with a nice income, two cars, sattellite tv, and high speed internet that they are a victim of rich evil Republicans.

Take a look:
"Many in the Democratic Party, particularly among those on the left, say there are no policy lessons to be learned from the 2004 election, that the party failed to get out its message and that it was overshadowed by a strong president at war. But centrist Democrats have continued to argue that the party may be in bigger danger than many loyalists think.
This month's issue of Blueprint, a magazine published by the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, has several articles looking at statistics similar to Third Way's income data, such as Mr. Kerry's losing married parents of young children by 19 percentage points, taking 40 percent of the group compared with Mr. Bush's 59 percent. Those parents made up 28 percent of the electorate. "
Comments? Thoughts? Is the Democratic party killing itself? Could it be that by becoming beholden to so many special interest groups, that claim to help the poor and underprivileged, that when people start doing well for themselves their voting bloc gets smaller?