Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dude! Not Cool!

If this is true then I will be extremely PO'd at Air America. Up til now I have been happy with Air America. They have really low ratings despite tons of media coverage. And the left has a place where they can go and demonstrate how out angry and out of the mainstream that they really are.

But when I read this kind of thing it just makes my blood boil:
Air America is being investigated in New York for diverting federal/local funds--possibly "hundreds of thousands of dollars"--meant for inner-city kids and senior into the station's coffers.

Um, why isn't the New York Times, which has spilled tons of adulatory ink on the liberal radio network, covering this scandal on its front page?
OK if this is true, the guy siphoned off government funds to invest in Air America leaving the Boys and Girls Clubs high and dry. That is wrong by any stretch of the imagination. And it boils my blood that this party still portends to be the "party of the people" and to care so much for our children. Give me a break.