Thursday, July 28, 2005


Finally a Republicans show some backbone.
WASHINGTON - Until lawmakers vote on a top-priority gun rights bill, nothing else happens in the Senate. And that includes Congress' prized monthlong vacation.

That's the way Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has toughened up his style in the final days before the August break was to begin, learning from last year to leave no room for gun control advocates to derail legislation limiting lawsuits against the gun industry.

Frist, R-Tenn., used Senate parliamentary procedures Wednesday to keep Democrats from dooming the measure with an amendment that would offend the National Rifle Association.

Last year, the NRA abruptly withdrew its support from a similar bill after Democrats succeeded in adding a measure that would renew the expiring assault weapons ban. Frist took the bill down.
See this is how the majority party should act. Don't allow silly compromises that the people who voted for you would never stand for. Also don't let the minority part obstruct the agenda by using delay tactics, or procedures to let it languish without getting a floor vote. This is a step in the right direction hopefully committee chairmen will follow his lead.

Update: The bill passed with no problem. The media of course is not happy at all. Just the headline of this article should let you know that they are being less than objective.