Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm Baaaaack!!

Well everyone it's been a long time since I've blogged. About three months now I think. And I do appologize for disapearing like that. The long story short is that I had a project at work that kicked my tail hard. I basically dominated my life and I had little time to think about ot do anything else. But now thankfully the project is finished hopefully never to be worked on again. So I once again have time to don the trusty fedora and get back to shedding light on the issues of the day.

Since I've been under the hood so to speak we've had three natural disasters, two of which the left has tried to blame on our President. We've confirmed a new Chief Justice to the Supreme Court. We've had another justice nominated and then withdrawn. We now have a newer and better nominee to the Court. The Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame case has come to an end with the conclusion that no crime was committed and there was no "outing" of covert CIA agents for political purposes. However one aid to the VP was indicted for obstructing the investigation. Also Speaker Of The House Tom Delay was indicted by a politicaly motivated DA in Texas. Delay succesfully applied for a new judge in light of the fact that the justice hearing the case was a donator and a democratic activist. Whew, that's in addition to the White Sox winning the World Series and the Episode 3 DVD being released.

All of these things I will be commenting on in the coming hours. Today I'm going to do a post about Justice "Scalito". Stay tuned.

Fedora Pundit