Friday, November 11, 2005

US using WMD on Iraqis?

I was going to write a post about this but I saw that Hans over at The (not so) Daily Me (which is fast becoming one of my favorite sites) had already written it. So go check it out.
The latest liberal ploy has been to claim that the U.S. is using chemical weapons on Iraqis. Yes, well, technically the U.S. is using chemical weapons on Iraqis. I use chemical weapons to go hunting too. It's called a rifle. In scientific terms a rifle is a projectile weapon driven by a chemical-propellant. Gunpowder is a chemical. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) the American left has not stooped to calling rifles chemical weapons. Most probably, the only thing restraining them is that they would look like fools. No, they are trickier. They are using scientific terminology and using substances that are less familiar to the average American. (btw, flaming arrows used by Amerinds were chemical weapons as well.)

They are saying that white phosphorus is a chemical weapon. Well, it's a chemical and it's a weapon, but it's just as much a chemical weapon as a rifle, a flaming arrow, or burning wood stacked against a wooden fort.