Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bet you didn't read this.

From the "Not that we cared about your opinion anyway" department comes this news from Iraq:
U.N. Observer in Baghdad Calls the Voting Valid

Craig Jenness, a Canadian who led the United Nations' election coordination effort in Iraq, said his agency believed that the elections "were transparent and credible." He added that although all complaints must be weighed thoroughly, "we at the U.N. see no justification in calls for a rerun of the elections."

The assertion, made at a news conference in Baghdad, brought bitter denunciations from some Sunni Arab political leaders, who swore to continue pressing their claims that ballot box stuffing and other fraud had distorted the election results.
Thanks Mr. UNGuy, nice of you to step in and make everything ok. Seriously though this is progress, under-reported progress but still progress.

And isn't it nice to see these people arguing, and fighting to make sure their democracy is valid? It's a great alternative to getting shot in the head for questioning the process.