Thursday, December 15, 2005

Let Freedom Ring

Today is election day in Iraq. And from all accounts things seem to be going extremely well. The Sunni's are taking part this year, having realized that democracy was succeeding despite their objections. Now if only the Democratic party would see the light. But I digress. The reports are of huge turnouts all over the country. As well as a lot less violence than last time around. In fact one of the biggest problems was that some polling stations ran out of ballots.
"The number of people participating is very, very high and we have had very few irregularities," U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad told The Associated Press. "It is a good day so far, good for us, good for Iraq."

The Bush administration hopes the new parliament will include more Sunnis to help establish a government that can lure other Sunnis away from the insurgency. Such a development might make it possible for the United States and its partners to start to draw down their troops in 2006.

"The Iraqi people are showing the world that all people _ of all backgrounds _ want to be able to choose their own leaders and live in freedom. And we're encouraged by what appears to be a large turnout throughout Iraq," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.
This is an exciting day for democracy and freedom lovers all over the world. I hope people will be able to look past the distortions and outright lies being pandered by the press and the cut and run liberals who want nothing less than failure for Iraq and the US. The fact is that we are winning, freedom is winning. Winning over terrorism, despotism, facism, and extremism.

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And check out this article from the AP. Notice how the Democrats only see more problems and refuse to admit success of any kind? You can't have one without the other and still claim to be objective. Nope, they want Iraq to fail so that Bush will fail. Who cares about what it means for this country or Iraq for that matter.