Friday, January 20, 2006

25th Aniversery of the Reagan presidency

Ronald Reagan is a hero of mine. He was the gipper in that old black and white football movie I loved when I was a kid.

He defeated the Soviet Union, he instituted Reaganomics, and more importantly he made Americans proud to be American again. He also dealt with the same liberal weenies and naysayers that we deal with today. And did he ever deal with them, he lined them up and knocked them down, it was hardly fair. His policies and ideals were indisputibly successful, to the point that his arch enemy came to his funeral and paid great respect to him.

Now admittedly most of the things I know about Reagan I learned after the fact. I'm only 25 years old after all. But Ronald Reagan embodied everything I stand for not just politically but my overall worldview. Thanks Gipper, RIP.

And thanks Don Surber for reminding me.