Tuesday, January 10, 2006

America's Anchorman

Rush had an excellent point yesterday that I thought I'd share.
America's Anchorman: Rush Apology: I Just Don't Care: "CALLER: Yeah. A real pleasure to talk to you. It's an honor. Listen, Rush, I was watching the news this morning on Fox, and it now appears -- or at least the Democrats are headed towards -- stopping this Alito nomination at any cost, and one of the costs that they're willing to risk is the filibuster. So I guess my question is: With the total ineffectiveness of Bill Frist leading the Senate Republicans and the group of renegade RINOs led by McCain, do you think that they can pull off a filibuster?
RUSH: It remains to be seen. I don't think so because I don't think the Republicans in that gang of 14 are going to hang tough on this. I don't think 'Vice President' Graham will stick. I don't think DeWine will stick. I don't think, if they ever get to this. I'm not sure the Democrats should try it. I think that they're just huffing and puffing. I don't think you've got enough Democrats that would support it. There are some Democrats on the record saying they don't support the idea of a filibuster. Look it, it's desperation time here in the Democratic Party. You have to understand that everything they do -- and I'm not saying that none of it works; I'm not saying it doesn't have an effect, but I'm telling you that everything they're doing with the NSA spying and all the prison stuff, it's desperation. If you don't think so, somebody explain to me, somebody tell me, the political strategy in aligning your party with the enemy of this country when it comes to Al-Qaeda and worldwide terrorism.

Explain that to me. That's exactly what they've done. They have positioned themselves so that anything good in this country, economically or what have you, is bad for them. Anything bad that happens in this country as good for them. They've done this on purpose. Now, I think there's utter desperation happening. I've told why. These people are born as Democrats and liberals with an entitlement to power. They think that's their birthright. They've been denied this power since 1994, and they are fit to be tied -- and of course they can't be blames themselves. They're the elites! So they have to blame voting machines, hanging chads, fraud, all these other things, elections being stolen from them and the stupidity of the American people in order to explain this. I think as you get desperate you do stupid things and I think a bunch of them are talking about filibustering, but I don't think there are enough Democrats that support it -- and Vice President Graham yesterday said on Fox, no way does the Gang of 14 support it. So let 'em try it. I, frankly, wish they would. This filibuster deal should have been dealt with last year before this gang of 14 put this deal together."
Amen! Remember it's the Democrats who are the desparate ones. Regardless of how many times hear their views on the airwaves they are not the mainstream.