Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The dems strategy for the next election cycle has become clear. They are going to pound on three things. First they will come out with the "culture of corruption" meme. Which I have talked about before. Then they will get war vetarans to come out and denounce the war in Iraq. Expect to see many more Jack Murtha's out there. And thirdly they will accuse the President(even though he's not running for office theyw ill still harp on this endlessly) of spying on American citizens.

Here is some ammunition to fire off at your lib friends when the domestic spy issue is brought up:
OpinionJournal - The Western Front: "There is, of course, also a legal and constitutional argument to be made in favor of the wiretaps. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, a former top Justice Department official who has also served as a federal judge and a prosecutor, dropped by The Wall Street Journal's offices recently and made a compelling legal and constitutional case for the wiretap program in four succinct points:

• The very language of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution invites using a 'reasonable' standard in deciding when to conduct searches.

• During the Cold War it was widely accepted that the federal government had the power to use radar to spot incoming Soviet bombers and missiles. Wiretaps are today's equivalent of the Cold War's radar because instead of Soviet missiles, we're confronting terrorists who would bring themselves and possibly small bombs in suitcases into the country.

• The FISA court itself has found that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act does not curtail the president's constitutional ability to conduct warrantless searches.

• The government is not listening to phone conversations that take place entirely within the United States. Each one of the calls monitored involves someone either calling from or calling to a foreign number (in addition to involving at least one suspected al Qaeda operative). It's long been accepted that the federal government has a wide latitude to conduct searches at the nation's borders, which is why passenger luggage, container ships and other things can be searched as they cross into the country without first getting a warrant."
Now this will probably not convince the person you are talking to that he should have voted for Bush. But it will expose him/her as willing to spout off anything if they think it will hurt Bush. Using these points makes it easily discernable that your lib friend is advocating civil rights for terrorists.

You can also remind them that had we been wiretapping calls coming in to the country we might have picked up Osama calling his relatives just days before 9/11 warning them that he was going in to hiding after something big happend. That's not saying that these wiretaps could have prevented 9/11 for sure, but who knows.