Thursday, January 26, 2006


Despite all her grandstanding and much publicized "move to the middle" Hillary is not very all. Check out the Cnn-Gallup Poll as reported by Drudge:
Wed Jan 25 2006 10:50:26 ET

Most voters now say there's no way they'd vote for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton if she runs for president in 2008 - while just 16 percent are firmly in her camp, a stunning new poll shows.

CNNGALLUP found that 51 percent say they definitely won't vote for Clinton (D-N.Y.) in 2008, another 32 percent might consider it, and only 16 percent vow to back her. That means committed anti-Hillary voters outnumber pro-Hillary voters by 3-1. The poll suggests she can forget about crossover votes - 90 percent of Republicans and 75 percent of conservatives say there's no way they'd back her.

Meanwhile, 46% said they would oppose Secretary of State Rice if she ran for President - a step Rice has repeatedly said she won't take."
Forgive me if I laugh. So many Democratic higher-ups have hung their hopes on Hillary, but %51 of the people in this country can't stand her. THis is a huge change from last May when %53 said they were at least somewhat likely to vote for her.

That polling is worse than John Kerry ever did. And for her to win she has to improve on his performance! I hope she does get the nomination and I hope there is a strong Republican oppenent along the George Allen/Rudy Guliani lines. The juxtaposition will be wonderful to behold as she will talk about her feelings and play the victim on every issue that comes up.

So far this is only being reported on a few conservative websites, Drudge, and talk radio. If you do a google news search for it all you come up with are articles talking about how Hillary was "slamming the President" on the Al-Qaeda wiretaps issue. Which is a good thing, if this poll is correct she is so unpopular that her statements will probably garner support for the President.

Ok enough gloating. I'm done. Be sure to share this link with all of your friends though.