Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sometimes Comedy just writes itself

Critics slam Cheney's interview choice: "New York -- For days, the White House news corps has pounded the Bush administration, demanding to learn more about Vice President Dick Cheney's accidental shooting of a hunting companion Saturday.

Cheney finally addressed the incident Wednesday, but the forum in which he chose to do so -- in an exclusive interview with Fox News host Brit Hume -- quickly became another source of contention."


But some Democrats and competing broadcasters charged that Cheney chose to speak only with Fox News because of a perception that the cable channel is sympathetic to the Republican administration. They called for the vice president to hold a news conference with the rest of the media.
Let me translate: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! We got scooped again! Waaaaaaaaaah!!"
"Now that he feels forced to talk, he wants to restrict the discussion to a friendly news outlet, guaranteeing no hard questions from the press corps," Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., said in a statement.
Or just maybe he wanted to talk to a network that takes news seriously. Unlike CNN whose journalists dress up in hunting outfits while reporting on this issue. A classy sign of respect to be sure.
On CNN, commentator Jack Cafferty called the interview "a little bit like Bonnie interviewing Clyde. ... I mean, running over there to the Fox network -- talk about seeking a safe haven."
Yes that safe haven that has been kicking your butt in the ratings over and over again. So if the definition of "safe haven" is proffessional and successful then you are right Mr.Cafferty. I'm not being disengenuous here, Foxnews does have a lot of conservatives. But by being interviewed by Brit Hume on the most watched news station Cheney avoided questions like "Is there any truth to the rumor that it was you with a shotgun that made Ted Kennedy drive off the bridge?" Do you doubt he would have had to answer questions on that level of ridiculousness? If so you haven't been paying attention.

Brit gets it right:
Hume previewed the highlights of Cheney's comments, even as he questioned whether the public was as upset as the White House news corps about the administration's handling of the incident.

"If my e-mail is any guide, and the things I'm hearing from just people in the street that you talk to and people that you know, I don't think much of the nation feels particularly deprived that they found out about this on Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening instead of Saturday night or Sunday morning," Hume said.
He's right, the people in the press are are the only ones who care that this wasn't reported to the press right away.

But hey, at least this case of sour grapes actually has the media admitting it's liberal bias. I mean they didn't even try to pretend they would have been objective. And you are silly if you think that anything other than a murder confession from Cheney will make them happy. But I don't want them to stop talking of course. As the shrillness of their whining increases, their credibility decreases. So keep it up guys, you look more ridiculous every day.

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