Thursday, March 16, 2006

Democrats Agenda = You can't make it on your own

For years now the Democrats have done nothing except criticize Republicans on issues. Never offering alternatives or engaging in debate over issues, instead they engage in grandstanding and demagoguery. And it has worked for them to a point. With the media on their side they have driven the President's approval ratings very low.

However there has been clamor from many sides for the Democrats to present an alternative agenda to the Republican one. The Democratic leadership have promised that "It's coming" or "It will be revealed soon". But nothing substantial has come out.

Until now that is. Nancy Pelosi gave a speech previewing what the new agenda would look like. Take a look for yourself.

And I want you to notice a theme throughout the whole message: "You can't make your life better so we are going to do it for you".

Example: the whole deal with the raising the minimum wage. Everyone knows that messing with price controls and artificial wages hurts the economy. And not just for the rich or middle class. The market itself decides how much minimum wage should be, if you artificially raise it the number of minimum wage jobs will go down and less people will be working.

But listen to her reasoning when she goes off on Wal-Mart:
Democrats also support an increase in the minimum wage. Pelosi, describing the income of corporate American CEOs as "immoral," used Wal-Mart to make her point:

"I was told that an entry level person at Wal-Mart, who works his or her entire career at Wal-Mart, would make as much as the CEO makes in two weeks. A lifetime of work versus two weeks in the executive suite -- this is not America, this is not fairness, this is not the basis of a strong middle class that is essential for our democracy. We must change that in our country," she said.
Oh no! A Wally World greeter won't make as much as an executive! Whatever will we do?

Let me tell you something Mrs. Pelosi, there is nothing more un-American than thinking it's ok to work your entire career at an entry level position!! Real Americans don't need your meddling to help them achieve the position they want. They will use their own hard work, ingenuity, and ambition to build a life they are happy with. And there is nothing more American that that!

America is the land of opportunity, not the land of garanteed success. If you dedicate yourself and work hard in this country you can literally acheive anything. But you won't achieve anything if you sit around and wait for the government to give you the things you are "entitled" to. You don't hear about people immigrating to China to take advantage of their government run job market. You don't hear about people moving to Spain to take enjoy the socialist government hand-outs. No you hear about people moving to America so they can work make their dreams a reality.

And yet the Democrats whole message seems to be that you should depend on the government for everything. You can't get out of that minimum wage job so they are going to raise the minimum wage and make sure Wal-Mart provides you with benefits. You can't afford your own broadband internet so the government will provide you with that. You can't afford your own health care so they will provide that too.

All of the things listed above provide ways for the government to mess with the free market which always has a detrimental effect towards helping America "maintain it's leadership role in the global economy" as Pelosi puts it. In fact it will hobble our economy and will result in much higher taxes. But I guess that's always been central to the Democratic agenda.

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