Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have been struggling to keep up with the news on Israel/Hezbullah conflict. But if you head over to they have a pretty current roundup of the goings on. As does Drudge.

That being said I am outraged at all of the drive-by media outlets and the UN and all the stupid european naitons calling on Israel to exercise restraint. Not to mention all the calls for "peace at all cost:". We will have peace when all of the terrorists and terrorist supporters are DEFEATED!! Not before. But apparently this fact is lost on much of the liberals around the world. They wish to associate some sort of moral equivalance between Israel and Hezbollah. It doesn't matter that one is a manaical military group who has sworn to kill all the innocent Jews in the world and to wipe an entire country off the map, while the other one has given concession after concession after concession to the other group in exchange for a promised peace. Nope those two groups are clearly moral equals, and if we can just get the big bad IDF to stop picking on the scared little Hezbollah then things will be hunky dory. These douchebags learn nothing from history.

Newt Gingrich trumpets the Limbaugh doctrine.

Thomas Sowell skewers the idiots who call for an end to the "cycle of violence".

Those who keep calling for an end to the "cycle of violence" are
what make such violence more likely. "World opinion" in general and the
United Nations in particular can always be counted on to counsel
"restraint" in response to attacks and "negotiations" in response to
lethal threats.

What that means is that those who start trouble
will have a lower price to pay than if those they attacked were free to
go all out in their counter-attack. Lowering the price to be paid by
aggressors virtually guarantees more aggression.