Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Here we go

Today is the big democratic primary in Conneticut where they will choose between the "netroots" ultra liberal moonbat. Or Joe Lieberman, who is a social liberal but supported his country when war was declared.

Everyone knows that this is a watershed moment for the Democratic party. Will it move even farther left towards the "9/11 was an inside job", "Bush caused hurricane Katrina because he hates black people" wing? Or will they go with a true FDR, JFK democrat. Most of the more visible democrats have moved away from Lieberman, hollywood actors have campaigned against him, and the drive-by media loves Lamont like a child. The big test now will be to see if the voters follow. The netroots group claim to represent the people, the common man, and yet no candidate they have supported has ever won an election. Til now the "common man" just hasn't been that cooky. But the DBM has done a good job at hiding Lamont's cookyness, focusing more on the fact that he has a lead in the polls than on what he stands for.

Well today the people vote. Honest I hope that they choose Lamont. This will provide many more opportunities to call the emperor naked. Especially if Lieberman runs as an Independant.

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