Tuesday, October 24, 2006


OK who watched the game last night? It was a pretty interesting game. Not incredibly close or suspenseful but still interesting. Mostly because of the Cowboy meltdown that went in to full blown status last night.

The Cowboys were getting torn up on the O-line in the first half. Multiple times Giants rumbled untouched at Drew Bledsoe resulting in multiple sacks and a safety. Something was clearly not right with the blocking scheme, I mean there is no excuse, NONE, for not blocking Michael Strahan. That is just a recipe for disaster, yet it happend multiple times.

So what is the reaction of the Cowboy coaches? Not fix the offensive line, no no, don't be silly, we'll put in someone who will be able to escape the rampaging and unblocked blitzers better than Bledsoe. They benched Bledsoe and put in Tony Romo, a rookie QB who is more mobile but also green as a ficus bush. Result? 36-22 loss that wasn't as close as that score indicates.

Seriously am I missing a piece of logic here? I know that Cowboy fans have been whining for this switch for a while. I wonder what they think now. If I were a Dallas fan I think I'd be angry. I mean they knew they had a QB who wasn't the most mobile, you would think that they would have done whatever it takes to protect him. But last night may have been the worst O-line play I have ever watched.

Poor Drew Bledsoe. It wasn't his fault. But now we have a QB controversy that will involve one of the most caqndid coaches in history, one of the most meddlesome owners in history, and one of the most controversial recievers in history (come on you don't think he'll be on the sidlines for this one do you?). In the end the two QB's might be the smallest parts of the story.