Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Random Sports Thoughts of today

There's a lot going on in the world today. Some of it very serious, like that ugly dog eating dictator blowing up Nuks. Or Democrats trying to smear every Republican on the planet because Mark Foley is gay. But everyone else in the world is doing that today.

So I will instead offer my comments on all the random sports stories that have caught my interest of late.

-I wonder who was more frustrated over TO's mediocre play on Sunday: TO or Foxsports. Obviously TO was frustrated, yelling at coaches and his QB. But the producers at Fox I'm sure would have loved it even more if he had caught a TD pass and done a dance in the middle of the field. As it is they'll just have to be satisfied with another jumbo hissy fit. I can't wait for the day when the actual game is a bigger story than TO.

-Congrats to Donavan McNabb for being the bigger man and coming out on top. He may claim that it didn't matter but I'm sure he's relieved to have this game over and done with.

-Note to self, in fantasy football always always ALWAYS play Brian Westbrook over Kevin Jones, regardless of injury reports. Thankfully it didn't matter much, with Mark Bulger, Larry Johnson, Deuce McCallister, and Chicago DEF I had more than double my opponents points.

-Another fantasy note, why couldn't the Redskins play like this last week? I played against a fantasy team with 4 Redskins skill players last week, all of whom had double digit point totals. Mark Brunell had over 20 just by himself. So of course I had my first loss of the season. This week they struggled to score a field goal. Oh well such is the game.

-How good are Da Bears this season? They are scary scary good. And more importantly they are exciting to watch both on offense and defense. Usually if a team has a great defense then they have a good chance to win the Super Bowl, but they will be incredibly boring to watch. But these Bears play exciting aggressive offense and display a contagious intensity on defense, I think I have a new favorite team. I've been looking for a team to root for ever since the Rams got rid of Kurt Warner.

-Ok enough football, for now, the Yankees are out of the playoffs. Sad isn't it that the story dominating the headlines these days is not "who will win the World Series" but "The Yankees won't win the World Series again" instead.

-Congrats to the Tigers for turning things around and coming back strong after struggling mightily down the stretch this season. The Tigers have great pitching across the board and a solid lineup. The series against the A's will be an interesting one. As they say "Pitching wins championships" and right now I have to give the edge to Detroit. Justing Verlander, and Jeremy Bonderman have been great this year, they faded late in the season as is expected of younger pitchers. Here's hoping they can give a good push to the World Series.

-The Cardinals-Mets series is going to be very fun to watch. Both teams have super lineups with explosive hitters. The Mets pitching is suspect at this point so we will see how far their explosive hitters will take them. Frankly I have no prediction on this series, this is going to be one of those where you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

-Oh and the next person to call the Mets "Metrosexuals" gets a punch in the face. Not because I like the Mets so much, but because that joke is being over used. So if you use it you have proven to everyone around that you cannot come up with anything funny to say on your own. Thus...punched.

-Albert Pujols is awesome.

-Hockey is starting up already. I really like hockey and have always wanted to play. It's hard for me to watch on TV though since the puck is really hard to follow. However the highlights you can catch on Sportcenter never cease to amaze. I'd rather much rather watch hockey than golf don't get me wrong. The Washington Capitals actually are pretty close to where I live, maybe I'll try to follow them and maybe catch a game this season.

Well that's all for me today. I'll be posting some more things later on this week, probably more today if I have time. Take care til then.