Wednesday, December 06, 2006

He's baaaack

It's nice to see someone take a stand for Christmas. Every year it seems that you see more and more places going to "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" as opposed to Merry Christmas. Which is sad considering that the number of people who are actually offended by the term is very small. But in our uber sensitive culture it's just easier for businesses and orginizations to cop out and not have to deal with the ACLU type lawsuits.  

So it's my pleasure to report that Baby Jesus is coming back to the St. Albans Festival Of Lights nativity scene. It's also encouraging to see that the people of St.Albans rejected the PC line and demanded Christ be present at his birthday party:

"We do have a baby Jesus there," Mayor Dick Callaway said. "Since this has become a focal issue, we put a baby Jesus in there."

An article in Thursday's Daily Mail reported visitors every year ask why there is no baby Jesus in what looks remarkably like depictions of the night Christ was born. There is a star, a couple of sheep, some camels and a structure that could be taken for the barn where Mary and Joseph had the baby.

Public outcry over the missing Jesus has been loud since then. The controversy found its way Monday night onto the national stage, when talk show host Jay Leno quipped about the lacking manger scene during his monologue on the Tonight Show.

Don Surber has more:

Festival organizers feared that someone would sue. But the display is one of 350 seasonal items at the festival. That's permissible.

Merry Christmas to all.