Friday, December 01, 2006

Paging Jim Webb

I just wanted to point out something to Mr. 'economic disparity' Webb. Last month Virginia's jobless rate was at a 5 year low. From the Richmond Times Dispatch:

The state's seasonally unadjusted jobless rate was 2.7 percent in October, as the number of unemployed people seeking work dropped by 16,500 to 109,100. The jobless rate declined from 3.1 percent in September to its lowest since a 2.6 percent rate in April 2001, the Virginia Employment Commission reported today.

When adjusted for seasonal factors, the state's jobless rate was 2.9 percent in October, down from 3.2 percent in September.

In the Richmond area, the unemployment rate fell to 2.8 percent in October from 3.3 percent in September.

October is normally a good month for employment in Virginia, the VEC said, because schools are back in session, construction contractors try to move projects along before winter weather, and the economy starts to build toward the holidays.

The national unemployment rate was 4.1 percent in October, down from 4.4 percent in September.

So can we please start being serious and cut out the alarmism? Can we not try to start class warfare between the haves and have-not's? Can we concentrate on reinforcing the capitalist principles that created the best economy in the world, instead of whining that our system isn't socialist enough?

That'd be great. Thanks.

Source: | Va. jobless rate at 5-year low