Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We are all Hokies today

I have waited to post regarding the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech on Monday. I had just returned from Louisiana the night before and have been incredibly busy since.

I heard about the initial shootings when I got in to work at 8am. I instant messaged a friend of mine and he said that someone had shot somebody else looking for his girlfriend. Later when the other shootings started I tuned in to for updates. Things just kept getting worse and worse. It was shocking and disturbing to see SWAT teams and armed policemen running around places that I have walked. There is no way to describe the feelings from watching injured men and dead bodies being pulled from places I used to hang out.

Details seemed to trickle out in an agonizingly slow fashion. Each report had the possibility to be bad news for someone I knew and loved. It angered me to see fingers being pointed and blame being assigned so soon. Love and healing are needed, official resignations solve nothing at this point.

Monday night two students drove up to hang out with me for a few days. They, understandably, just wanted to get away from the campus. They were going to stay for a few days. They were in good spirits and wanted to talk about normal things and joke around. However later that night they got a phone call that one of their classmates they thought was accounted for was instead one of the 32 victims. This seemed to sort of break the floodgates as they now actually had to deal with the emotions of the situation. They were fine after a few hugs and made plans to attend the convocation on Tuesday.

All of my friends are accounted for at this point. Some of them have lost professors that they were very fond of. But all are doing well. I wish I still lived there so that I could somehow help in the healing process.

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I will post more in the near future. I have thoughts on a lot of issues regarding this situation. But at this time I just want to ask everyone to pray for the community, the families and friends of the victims, the investigators, and the parents of the killer.