Tuesday, May 15, 2007


 Wow. 24 became cool again, almost overnight. I won't lie to you, I have been really disapointed with this season. Too much time has been spent on the angsty social issues and the completely unneccessary soap opera angles. I mean it's literally been 4 weeks since they have mentioned the fact that a nuke went off in LA. But they sure have time for an Presidential sex scandal.

But the past two episodes have really been top notch. Especially last nights episode where Jack finally starts being Jack and really takes it to the bad guys. Of course only to get screwed by the higher ups....again. But now he of course is between a rock and a hard place where he operates best. Next week is the season finale where hopefully there will be no more hand wringing over possible racial profiling, and no more stupid love triangle stories in the oft security compromised CTU.

And here's hoping that next year the 24 writers find some creativity while getting Jack back to doing what he's good at: Saving America at any cost!

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