Monday, May 21, 2007

All you need to know about the Immigration Bill from Redstate.

10 myths about the immigration agreement debunked by Redstate:

7. MYTH: The temporary worker program is good for American workers.

FACT: Under the guest-worker program, guest workers will be able to bring spouses and children into the United States. Children of guest workers will be entitled to free education in public schools, with an average cost of $9,600 per child imposed on U.S. taxpayers. If the spouse of a guest worker has a child in the U.S. that child will become a U.S. citizen with a guaranteed lifetime entitlement to more than 60 different federal welfare programs.

FACT: There will be two new programs for workers. The Z visa will be for illegal workers to adjust their status to legal workers and the Y visa for future temporary workers. A Y-visa program without the Z-visa program may help the U.S. economy, but taken together, the American worker may be harmed by a flood of new workers coming from illegal status and new future flow workers from foreign nations flooding the economy and depressing American wages.

Read all of them. Arm yourself with this knowledge. Then call your senators and tell them to reject this ridiculous mockery of the United States.

Response to White House Myth/Fact on Immigration Bill | Redstate