Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's fun to root for the Nationals

Growing up in Virginia I never had much of a hometown professional sports team to root for. Yes there is the Redskins, but after Joe Gibbs left it wasn't any fun to root for them. And Nascar doesn't count.

Instead I would root for teams that entertained me. I love watching sports so I would usually glom on to a team that was exciting to watch and root for them all season.

Now I live in Richmond where the Washington Nationals are just up the road. Their games are on the radio, and their merchendise is everywhere. But they are also the worst team in the league, not so much fun to root for them.

But this year I have actually enjoyed listening to their games and following the team. Not because they have gotten better, but because it's entertaining to see if they can actually win. I honestly expect them to lose and when they don't it's a nice surprise and I can mock the team they beat. It's kind of sad I know, but it's also gotten me interested in baseball again. Simply by following a team I have watched more regular season baseball than I have in years(I rarely miss a game of the playoffs).

Who knows, I might even get a hat or a jersy.