Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rudy shoots...he scores!!

 Rudy Guliani, whom I think will be our next President, had a great moment last night in the Republican primary debates. Check out the video:

Ron Paul is like the Republican Dennis Kucinich. Sadly most of the media agrees with Paul so he of course will get lots of media attention. And as of now it's being reported in the AP that Paul won the debate with that comment. But don't be fooled, when Guliani smacked him down he got the biggest applause of the night.

I don't like a lot of Guliani's stances on core conservative issues, but I did really like the way he handled that. He wasn't doing it for the applause, in fact it looked like it startled him, he wanted the applause to die down so he could demand a retraction. Very presidential if I do say so.

Don Surber also thinks so.

Hot Air has a good roundup of the goings on last night. Including a hilarious video of Mike Huckabee saying the government was "spending money like John Edwards in a beauty shop"