Tuesday, October 30, 2007


If you didn't stay up to watch(how dare you not), you missed a great ending to Monday Night Football as Brett Favre threw a TD bomb to win the game. It may not have been the most exciting game ever. But it was entertaining none the less.

You know, I really really miss Pat and John on Monday night. The guys they have now are ok, actually not as bad as previous MNF announce teams(we shall not speak of Dennis Miller). But the problem is that they have the storylines and talking points so scripted that if something unexpected happens they seem totally lost.

A good example was the Buffalo vs. Dallas game a few weeks ago. The Bills were the superior team for about 58 minutes. But the announcers had all this material prepared that basically amounted to idol worship of Tony Romo. Thus they seemed lost and confused while Romo was stinking up the joint. And when The Great Romo initiated what turned out to be an amazing comeback the announcers relief was almost palpable. You could almost hear them going "oh good, we can praise him again".

When John and Pat do a game their style seems more natural, less scripted. And it should they are drawing on many decades of football knowledge as opposed to scripted storylines.

Wow I'm really digging this sports blogging thing.