Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Do you want him to succeed?

Today Buzzfeed - a reflexively liberal site, normally - took the Daily Show to task for "mis-characterizing" Romney on the subject of if he wanted the President to succeed(warning: bad language). Here's an exerpt
The clip, however, seems to entirely mischaracterize what Romney was saying, and at the very least takes him completely out of context in the short clip.
In the seconds immediately before the clip Stewart aired Romney said — discussing comments by Christina Romer, the Obama Chairperson of the Council of Economic Advisors — that he wanted President Obama to succeed.
"Republicans want to do what's right for America, and want to get this economy going again. We want the president succeed," Romney said.
Later, in the fuller context of the partial clip Stewart aired, Romney argues the he doesn't want the President to install failed policies for the very purpose they won't succeed.
This all goes back to when Rush Limbaugh caused an uproar right after Obama was inaugurated by saying that he did not want this President to succeed. Now you could mark this down to the press taking things out of context and the Democrats wanting to be able to say "that guy hates Obama so much that he wants America to suffer just so that he will look bad".

But if you look a little closer you can see how liberals think. The Obama presidency, and candidacy for that matter, has always been about celebrity. He made great speeches where promised many things in a vague enough manner as to allow people to project their wants on to him. He promised things without going in to detail as to HOW he would accomplish them. But he definitely WANTED to change things, and so did voters.

Well fast forward to today and we have seen the 'how' and also the results. So to us saying "I want him to fail" means: "all those things he wants to do to try and make things better, I don't believe that they will work, and so I want his effort to implement them to fail". But all a liberal hears is "I HATE BLACK PEOPLE" or something to that effect, they mix up the 'how' with 'who'. They think it's personal, because to them Obama being in office IS personal, it's all about 'who' he is. Celebrity.

For example. Cap and Trade. Obama wants a Cap and Trade system in place to save the environment. I personally think that a Cap and Trade system will be disasterous for our economy and way of life, furthermore I do not believe that a Cap and Trade system will actually benefit the environment or nature in any meaningful way. Thus, I want any effort to implement a C&T to fail. But a liberal looks at that statement and sees Obama wanting to save the earth, but I'm against it, so they think I am willing to trash the environment just because I don't like Obama(also how could anyone not want to save the environment?).

For liberals it's never about results, it is always about intentions.

They probably honestly believe that Obama's policies would succeed if the Republicans would just get out of the way. This allows them to blame all failures on "Obstructionist Republicans".