Monday, September 27, 2004

Rathergate hits home

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the local radio station WFNR 100.7FM had dropped CBS as their news affiliate and were now broadcasting ABC news at the top of the hour. I went on to their website to thank them for this Here is the comment I sent them:
I heard on the radio today
that you are now featuring ABC news instead of CBS. I wanted to thank you for
making this choice. I have never enjoyed the slanted newscasts of CBS. But this latest thing with Dan Rather has made me not want anything to do with them. Thank you for supporting journalistic integrity.
I recieved this response:

We do have 2 more years on the CBS Radio News Contract on WFNR AM.
about that.... but it will not return to our fm talk station.
Scott Stevens
Operations Manager
Cumulus Broadcasting
7080 Lee Highway
Radford, VA 24141
(DD) 540-731-6006
(fax) 540-633-2998
(cell) 540-392-8476
And today they got some national attention in this article.
Bob Lee, chairman of CBS' local affiliate board and president and general manager of WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, Va., said he's never seen such a viewer response. Black said he could envision worse - like if he cut off the end of a Kansas City Chiefs football game - but not much else.

There are more than 200 CBS affiliates and 16 additional stations, mostly in big cities, that are owned and operated by CBS. More than 1,000 radio stations air CBS News.

So far one radio station - a conservative talk-radio station in Virginia - has dropped CBS News because of the Guard controversy.
If you would like to weigh in on this with the radio station you can do it here. I do recommend these radio stations btw. I try hard to catch at least one hour of Rush. And as much of Sean Hannity as I can. Both offer great commentary and are entertaining to listen to.